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Recording, Mixing, and Production
Our live recording space can fit a typical 5-piece band and our 8’x10’ recording booth is excellent for vocals and other instruments. We carry more than 20 high quality microphones from AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. Our system is loaded with plug-ins, samples, and software instruments, giving you freedom to do whatever imaginable.

Location Recording (audio & HD Video)
Location recording (audio & HD video) is one of our specialties. We have recorded at most of the venues around Boston. Whether you are recording a recital, making a audition/competition recording, uploading to YouTube/Vimeo, or releasing a CD/DVD/Bluray, we will bring our equipment anywhere to afford you convenience and quality. We have different sets of audio & video equipment for different purposes, covering a variety of recording needs.

Music Production
We produce/help produce music for artists. Our trained ears and the expertise in technology will help you achieve your artistic vision. Bring in what you have, and we will complete the picture.

Editing / Splicing
Recording may be significantly improved by editing/splicing, especially when there are alternate takes of the same material. Using the latest digital technology along with trained ears, we are capable of making the most detailed edits. We are constantly challenged by demanding artists, making us experts in this field. Various formats accepted. We also accept orders via mail/email.

Our trained ears will bring the most out of your current recording. Various formats accepted.

Audio & Video Transfer/Conversion
Tape to CD, DAT to CD, VHS to DVD, DVD to YouTube, etc...

CD/DVD Duplication
Full color disc printing and burning on high quality Taiyo Yuden discs. Competitive rates.

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